Hi, I'm Ha.

Digital Marketer - Web Developer

Ha Truong


web development

Build your websites using WordPress, ReactJS, Gatsby, and NodeJs.

SEO services

Deliver SEO audit, tips, and high-quality SEO-optimized content writing service.

Virtual Assistant

Help you with every blogging tasks: social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, updating & managing websites, etc.




2017 - Now

Develop responsive WordPress sites using modern web technologies.

Research keywords, write, publish, and promote the content.

Maximize site traffic, reaching over 150K views per month

Develop business relationships for affiliate marketing and sponsorships

featured projects

Vietnamese Guide

Vietnamese Guide

A website for learning Vietnamese, with plans to extend into a complete interactive course, allowing students to learn quickly and efficiently.



A travel site offering authentic guides and travel inspiration with an insider’s perspective.

Movie Handbook

Movie Handbook

A website where users can quickly find movies based on their preferences. Featuring a user-friendly search and filtering system.

Beany House

Beany House

A responsive, mobile-first website for a cafe. A user can easily buy products, with shopping cart and payment processing features.

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