Beany House

Beany House

A responsive, mobile-first website for a cafe. A user can easily buy products, with shopping cart and payment processing features. Admins can easily keep the website updated using the connected content management system.


  • Shopping cart implementation.
  • Checkout process with payment system.
  • Cafe menu items display with filtering by product type.
  • Linked to Contentful CMS, allowing menu items to be easily added, updated, and deleted by an admin.
  • Separate detail view for each menu item, automatically created when an item is added via the CMS.
  • Contact form
  • Slideshow-style customer review display, with clickable buttons to switch slides.
  • Mobile-first, fully responsive design, built with custom CSS.


  • ReactJS
  • GatsbyJS framework
  • Custom CSS
  • Contentful
  • GraphQL
  • Netlify

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