Vietnamese Guide

Vietnamese Guide

A website for learning Vietnamese. A search function, categories, and tags allow users to quickly find what they need. A whole step-by-step course with interactive elements is planned, so users can learn quickly and efficiently.


  • Built with React and Gatsby.
  • Category and tag system for guides.
  • Email subscription sign-up (MailChimp).
  • Search function
  • Quizzes
  • Flashcards
  • Contact form
  • Mobile-first, fully responsive design, built with custom CSS.


  • ReactJS
  • GatsbyJS framework
  • Custom CSS with Styled Components
  • GraphQL


  • Integrate sound clips, so users can quickly listen to important words and practice their pronunciation.
  • User accounts with plans for an eventual SaaS model.
  • A network of online Vietnamese teachers. Students will be able to quickly book lessons to practice what they’ve learned.

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